Typing Work


Over the last 18 months or so companies of all sizes (Big, medium and small) are cutting back on having office based admin staff and physical office overheads  These companies now much prefer to 1) use “work from home” staff to answer calls from home, 2) follow up with customers by phone from home, 3) communicate with clients and customers via email from home, 4) do online customer support from home, 5) book appointments from home, 6) make sales calls from home, 7) type all sorts of letters, invoces and documents from home etc.  Thanks to the Internet all these tasks (And more) can now be done “working from home”.  Click the links to read the 4 articles below:
The fact that so many businesses are cutting back (Or are planning to cut back) their offices and are allowing all their admin staff to work from home, has led to a huge demand for “work from home typists”.
Can you can follow simple instructions via video tutorials?  If so then we can show you exactly how to start your very own Typing Agency from home, for as little as $17…..YES…..SEVENTEEN DOLLARS!
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